If parasailing is enjoyed in Okinawa, SkyWalker. 韓国国旗
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スピーカーアイコンSpecial of Ginowan marina departure and arrival! 2 big thrill ride opening in a sea! Because it's in the same harbor, there is also no movement, and it's easy.

A name of course: Sound parasailing + tropical jet + flight certificate
A period: March 1-October 14
Holding place: Ginowan marina
The target age: More than 6 years old

Number of applicable persons: 2 people (Please consult with customers of 1 person)

A course 8:30-parasailing 10:00-tropical jet
B course 13:00-tropical jet 15:00-parasailing

Required time: 2 hours and 30 minutes A walk 10 minute regular course in the air More than 6 years old
A tropical jet for 30 minutes More than 120cm tall Ginowan marina assembly
※ Less than 12-year-old person can't have guardian accompanying, the person who becomes pregnant, the person staining a lower back and a neck and a person with heart disease participate more than 8 years old.

※ Parasailing, it'll be to \1.000 and special in case of change to regular.



The parasailing tropical jet meeting place:Ginowan marina parking lot
〒 901-2224
Ginowan-shi, Okinawa Mashiki 4-4? 1
(It's a car more than Naha, about 30 minutesIt's a car more than Onna-son, about 40 minutes)

矢印 By Car
When it turns left at Makiminato intersection for Naha and turns right for Onna-son, and I go straight approximately 800 m, route 58 of national highway is on the left side.

矢印 By bus.
Getting off in front of the Okinawa convention center for 5 minutes on foot


船長:鈴木一真 鈴木 一真 KAZUMA SUZUKI - Parasailing boat Kanaloa captain -
I longed for a sea in Okinawa and was moving from Hokkaido. I shipped under the Australian leader at the center of the parasailing and training, came near and put on high parasailing knowledge of safety. I'm a staff in order to do the thing it's natural to hand the pleasure of the parasailing down to which and any more service, I'm still providing for hospitality enough. No. Kanaloa will guide you the scenery from the boat cruising and in the parasailing sky and the best cure by all means.
クルー:堀 堀 雅由 MASAYOSHI HORI - Parasailing boat Kanaloa sailor -
Okinawa parasailing and mercy of a SkyWalker staff! I was liking a sea in Okinawa and was doing from Kumamoto! For the sky to transfer a customer highly, daily muscle training isn't neglected!Because I exert myself in order to entertain best to a customer above all.Thank you.

沖繩滑翔傘專業店天行者標誌 If parasailing is enjoyed in Okinawa, SkyWalker.
〒 901-2224 Ginowan-shi, Okinawa Mashiki 4-4-1
(It's a car more than Naha, about 30 minutesIt's a car more than Onna-son, about 40 minutes)

Parasail &jet boat
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